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Loft living Amsterdam

Urban loft Amsterdam

full interior reset of a small Amsterdam apartment

How to convert a small former social housing apartment in the city centre of Amsterdam into a spacious urban loft? First of all, get rid of all doors, walls and tiny rooms around the core of this small apartment. And then create one solid wooden volume of birch plywood with extended wall cabinets alongside the whole length of the apartment.

By incorporating program like bathroom, toilet, storage and a box-bed all inside the wooden volume the space around the volume can be freely used for other program like living, dining, cooking and all the other pleasures of life.


“By using the former storage room as a box-bed the small apartment suddenly gets a lofty feeling”




completed 2015




Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Jan de Vakman

interior builder:

Metnils Interieur Maatwerk

project typology:

residential, private


Wim Hanenberg

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