One sheet of wood, one table

+ Table

table series based on no-screw no-glue concept

For the +table a single sheet of laminated plywood is transformed into a unique piece of furniture, which is sustainably produced and at the same time doesn’t cost the world. Moreover the table can be assembled without the requirement of any other material or tool at all. So, all the beauty of one +table comes from a single sheet of plywood and three minutes of old-fashioned manual labour by the consumer.

An advanced production technology, the so-called cnc-milling, is used to produce the +table. With a little drill a computerized machine mills all table parts with great precision from one sheet of wood, ensuring an accurate finish and a minimal loss of material.


“The +table gets its name from the cross-shaped joints visible in the table top. These are the result of the way the different parts of the base of the table are put together, clearly showing the construction method of the table.”




Fraaiheid was a Dutch design label led by three architects: Daniel Aw, Rikjan Scholten and Sjoerd Schaapveld. Their first product was the +table, which was developed from their working experience in Dutch construction

and their desire to make innovative products which easily appeal to a public who wants to add a little bit of Fraaiheid (Dutch translation of beauty) to their lives. With the +table Fraaiheid created a design table for a non-design price that can be put together in three minutes. The table was sold around the world until recently.

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