"What if you would have a 360 degree view
from your apartment?..."
360degree apartments in wooden tower

Panorama Living

A tower with full-floor 360 degree view apartments built in wood

Bureau Fraai is developing a high-end living concept called ‘Panorama Living’.

The crystal clear wooden modular tower consists of apartments with a full 360 degree view. Each floor is exactly similar and can be completely prefabricated in wood. By rotating every floor 45 degrees around the round central concrete core every apartment gets the best view and daylight while maintaining shelter from the above terraces. The flexible loft spaces can be divided into separate rooms, but can also be kept completely open.

With the ‘open building’ concept applied, all floors can even be divided in different sized apartments being flexible to all kinds of usage. The building has a relatively small footprint and is perfect for landmark locations.

For more information or possible collaborations feel free to contact us: info@bureaufraai.com

“The implementation of the ‘Open building’ concept makes the building flexible and futureproof and adaptable to future changes.”




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The Netherlands

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Residential | Office | Hospitality


Bureau Fraai

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