• Parkblok A’dam, NL

Parkblok is a residential project consisting a collective courtyard surrounded by an ensemble of 9 building blocks with a total of 130 apartments, penthouses and town houses. It’s situated on an A-location along the IJ-river, the Houthavens in Amsterdam West. A former industrial area which is being developed into a lively and residential area. Parkblok will be sustanably build with PV cells and other energy saving concepts, part of the 100% climate-neutral development of the Houthavens.

status: completed 2018
client: Synchroon
location: Houthavens, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
contractor: Era Contour B.V.
architects: Daniel Aw with Studioninedots (Albert Herder, Vincent van der Klei, Arie van der Neut, Metin van Zijl)
a project of: Studioninedots