• Apartment block Red Ruby A’dam, NL

Bureau Fraai won the competition to design an apartment building with 21 apartments on Oostenburgereiland where a new mixed-use neighborhood will arise with a focus on new forms of (social)housing and contrasting architecture for housing corporation Stadgenoot.

The jury stated: ‘Bureau Fraai brings interesting visions on the ‘in-between-space’ and entrance areas; as well as a research on innovative floor-plan schemes.’

The industrial history of the location (former VOC shipyards) has been a source of inspiration for the urban design made by Urhahn and the masterplan by Studioninedots and will be tangible as well in the design of the apartment building. The building has a brickwork facade referring to the industrial brickwork factories and shipyards.

(more images will follow soon!)

status: completed November 2020
client: Stadgenoot Ontwikkeling B.V.
contractor: Heijmans
technical engineer: Inbo
structural engineer: Goudstikker de Vries
acoustic engineer: Peutz
location: Oostenburger Island, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
project typology: residential, housing corporation