• Loft farm Soest, NL

Until recently this farmhouse from the 1950‘s was still in use as a farm. In the course of time the old fronthouse was extended into the back part, where the stables used to be. In the new design the separation between the front house and the back part is made as clear as possible. The old front house is restored in its former glory and houses the bedrooms and the entrance. In the back part the concrete (first) floor is removed to create one big space where the living area is located. The existing concrete beams are preserved and support the wooden interior element, which is folded through all of the back part. The interior element creates different spaces without completely separating them. As a result, the nature and dimension of the back part are still tangible. All existing concrete window frames and wooden doors are maintained and isolated. In the back facade the openings are enlarged by means of steel frames with full glass panels to get more light inside and to create a strong visual relationship between the interior and the garden.

status: completed
location: Soest (The Netherlands)
architects: Rikjan Scholten, Maarten Polkamp, Sander van Schaijk
photography: René de Wit
a project of: Personal Architecture BNA, Rotterdam