• JOV House A’dam, NL

A city house in Amsterdam has been topped up by connecting (to) the neighbours with an abstract volume together with a matching Jaguar show case in the back garden.

The abstract volume of the roof extension connects to the different roof heights of the neighbours and creates a frisky elevation on one hand and also creates a harmonious transition between the houses on the other hand. By incorporating one big framed window in the façade on each side of the extension it gets unique lookouts of the surrounding and a significant amount of natural light gets into the interior.

In the back garden of the city house a matching garage acts as a show case for the clients. Their Jaguar as a collector’s item is lifted and high-lighted behind again one big framed window next to a custom-designed grill and can be seen from the main house.

(more images will follow soon!)

status: completed 2018
client: private
contractor: Michel Pronk Bouw
interior builder: Pronklust
location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)