• Muus by Fraaiheid

MUUS, a product by fraaiheid, is an ode to the wall. In many ways the wall is an important shaper of our living environment. It bravely carries the roof above our heads. But it also quietly creates the blank canvas on which we project our personalities. We transform, colour and decorate it with paintings, hunting trophies and what not. Without any complaint the wall collects all kinds of traces of our daily use through time.
MUUS is the alternative to the putty knife that effaces user traces from the past, as if they were without significance. Like a piece of wearable jewelry MUUS accentuates that spot where once something hung. Instead of filling up these holes with putty it becomes the starting point for the embellishment of the wall.
The first series of MUUS consists of three figures that gratefully adorn the locations where screws were put into a wall. The figurines ‘balance’, ‘swing’ and ‘jump’ are micro-lasered out of copper plated steel. They come with a screw, a plug and a spacer.

status: for sale
design by: Sjoerd Schaapveld, Rikjan Scholten, Daniel Aw
a project of: Fraaiheid