• Sustainable municipal buildings, Eindhoven, NL

As part of the core team of the project “The smart way towards sustainable municipal buildings” we organize the trajectory of the municipality of Eindhoven towards their ambition of Eindhoven to be an energy-neutral city by 2045. The municipality’s own buildings have to become more energy-efficient and more sustainable. One of the buildings that will be renovated and made more sustainable in the short term is the Eindhoven Stadhuis and Stadhuistoren (‘Town Hall Tower’). This part should be finished in 2017. At the same time, a project will commence to introduce more sustainable management and maintenance of the municipal buildings surrounding the Stadhuistoren for the longer term.

Exploration days
During the exploration days we tried to bring together and inform (market) partners to help to make the municipal buildings more sustainable. We asked established market parties, large and small companies, academic and research institutions and new parties with innovative ideas to take part in this project.

Call for outline proposals
After the exploration days all parties had the chance to hand in innovative ideas through our online tool. A lot of innovative power lies with small companies, which are not in the position to take on such a large project. The goal of this “call for outline proposals” was to give new ideas a chance, by actively promoting the forming of partnerships between potential partners, big and small. In this phase the ideas were also used to adjust and further concretize the preliminary project scope.

Matchmaking Event
The Matchmaking Event in the Evoluon in Eindhoven we organized to give all the parties the possibility to present themselves to one another (pitches), but also to discuss different subjects in the theme sessions and have speeddates. You can see an impression movie in the slideshow.

status: start tender
client: Municipality of Eindhoven
location: Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
in collaboration with: Marlies Bielderman, Turtur (Liesbeth Scholten & Harald Ronge)
More information on our website: sustainablebuildings.eu