• Capriole Café The Hague, NL

A former paint factory in The Hague has been converted into a coffee bar, restaurant and business centre with a fully steel bar element as an interconnecting eye-catcher. The restaurant and coffee experience named Capriole Café is one of the first hospitality concepts in the upcoming industrial neighbourhood the “Binckhorst” in The Hague, which will be developed into a residential and business area the coming decade.

The existing small windows of the building were replaced by 5 meter high steel window frames with doors opening up the interior towards the terrace and marina in front of the café.
The main goal of the design of the Café was to create a total experience of every aspect of the making and consumption of “coffee”. While the ground floor functions as a coffee roastery, coffee bar, lounge and restaurant, the first level functions as a barista training centre, a showroom, an office and a meeting room for Capriole Coffee Service.
By introducing a central void with a 4,5 metre high black steel bar element, these two levels were visually connected with the meeting room as illuminated “lantern” overseeing the restaurant.
The prefabricated interconnecting bar element is completely composed of heavy structural steel beams and frames the roastery downstairs and the barista training centre upstairs. Also the entrance volume containing the Capriole logo, the toilets and wardrobe is completely composed of steel as well.
In contrast with the black-and-white interior, oak and brass are introduced in the design for all the tables and the cabinets.
Also the hanging lamps in the void and the pedestals presenting Caprioles future high-end coffee machines were all custom-designed.

status: completed 2016, nominated for the ‘Entree Hospitality & Style Awards 2016’ for ‘Best Coffee Concept’, awarded for ‘Most beautiful venue The Netherlands’ in the Koffie top 100 2018 by Misset Horeca
client: Capriole Coffee Service
location: Binckhorst, The Hague (The Netherlands)
interior builder: MetNils interieurmaatwerk
steelwork: Hametec
contractor(casco): Meesterbouw
photographers: René van Dongen, Pascal Striebel