Bureau Fraai, Amsterdam
Founded by Rikjan Scholten and Daniel Aw, Amsterdam based architecture studio Bureau Fraai designs and realizes projects in close collaboration with their clients and future users.
For Bureau Fraai a successful project is not only about the concept or spatial composition of a design. It’s also about rightfully embedding the project within its urban, cultural and natural environment and the conception on the smallest scale of the technical detail. In short, a project’s soul is the balance and mixture between research, the creative mind, technical innovation and adaptability.
As architects and product designers with more than 10 years of hands-on experience, they have built up an extensive network and experience to be able to provide the client with the highest possible quality and the least concern on the management, budget and technical realization of the project. From the architecture of the building to the design of the interior and custom-designed furniture. For professional and private clients.
Rikjan Scholten, MSc
Rikjan (1977, the Netherlands) is co-founder of Bureau Fraai and design label Fraaiheid and board member of BNA kring Amsterdam Kennemerland. He did a Masters research at Pratt Institute and got his Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft Technical University.
From 2005-2014 he worked at renowned Dutch firms such as UN Studio, Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer and Personal Architecture and did projects for private clients. He assisted the municipality of Eindhoven in the implementation of ‘Het Nieuwe Werken’ in their organisation. And he co-developed their tender procedure towards sustainable municipal buildings.
Daniel Aw, MArch
Daniel (1981, Singapore) is co-founder of Bureau Fraai and design label Fraaiheid. He got his Master’s Degree at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and a degree in Building Science and Constructional Engineering at the Tilburg Avans University of Applied Sciences.
From 2006-2014 he worked for renowned firms in and outside the Netherlands such as Claus & Kaan Architecten, Ministry of Design(Singapore) and Studioninedots. He occasionally works as a guest teacher at the IMC weekendschool for under privileged children.
Fraaiheid (www.fraaiheid.com)
In 2012 Daniel Aw, Rikjan Scholten and Sjoerd Schaapveld founded design label Fraaiheid as a platform for designing, developing and selling products and furniture worldwide.